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My name is Dr. Gabrielle Molien, ND, MS (Nutrition).  My journey to wellness business started out of a desperate situation involving family members suffering from chronic diseases, i.e., diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases involving dialysis, Obesity/weight management, digestive issues, allergies, High cholesterol, Metabolic disorders that could have been prevented.  I always wondered if there is a better way.  Then, I realized that it is better to prevent chronic illnesses rather than prescribing and trying to heal people who are suffering from them. 

It led me to search for a solution.  I found myself studying nutrition and holistic health. After my initial inquiries and preliminary research, I started to see how our health is adversely affected by what we eat and how we can better manage health by eating right.  Then, my passion for holistic health was increased. That passion created a hunger to further qualify myself to help those who are dealing with chronic illnesses.  That zeal compelled me to obtain a ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) degree and also a Master degree in Nutrition.   

The purpose and goal of my wellness business is that you will experience better health by teaching you how to prevent chronic diseases and help you design the best and suitable diet and nutrition program throughout your holistic health journey.   My programs promote healthy lifestyle that focuses on holistic health which includes whole nutrition, cooking right meals, healthy eating habits, and the prevention of chronic illnesses through supplements and natural healing practices.

Our Core Values

Our Work Is Heavily Shaped by Our Core Values



We aim to understand and care for our client’s wants and needs by attentive listening and putting ourselves in their shoes.



We respect everyone we meet and treat them with dignity.



We take a deeper look at your lifestyle, research your health conditions and take you through slow changes and small steps while achieving your goals.



We are experts in our field.  We take pride in doing what is suitable for our client’s betterment.


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