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Natural Wellness Care, LLC

promotes healthy lifestyle for the whole family using slow changes and small steps to achieve your goals. Our goal is to empower, educate, and encourage you to create a healthy environment for you and your whole family.  If you are seeking knowledge on how to maintain your health or improve your health and if you are willing and ready to make those small changes; we are here for you with tangible and practical tips to help you in your health journey.  Why don’t you choose to make those small steps and contact us today?

Our Mission

Natural Wellness Care is established to provide a multidimensional consulting service that fosters the care of the whole family.  Its objective is to serve and empower individuals and families from the poorest to the wealthiest to take control of their health.  It provides a safe and high quality care to the whole family with its expertise in natural healing practices.

My Business Story


My name is Dr. Gabrielle Molien, ND, MS (Nutrition).  My journey to wellness business started out of a desperate situation involving family members suffering from chronic diseases, i.e., diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases involving dialysis, Obesity/weight management, digestive issues, allergies, High cholesterol, Metabolic disorders that could have been prevented.  I always wondered if there is a better way.  Then, I realized that it is better to prevent chronic illnesses rather than prescribing and trying to heal people who are suffering from them…read more

Our Services

Areas Of Specialization

Our expertise includes assisting people with Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney diseases involving dialysis, Gallbladder/Digestive issues, High Cholesterol, Metabolic disorders, and Obesity by providing Weight Management, Whole Nutrition, Nutrition Counseling, and Wellness Care.

Wellness Consultation

Your wellness consultation with us will last anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour.  During the consultation we go thoroughly over your health history and labs if available. We will review your current lifestyle choices, discuss your goals, and then provide the necessary tools to assist you on how to implement and sustain your health goals.

Health Education

We are able to provide high quality teaching and education to small groups or gatherings for your family, friends, and church.  Health education is important as it gives you the knowledge and ability to make informed decisions about your health.  Feel free to set up a group meeting or gathering by contacting us at 203-626-1870 or email us at

Vitamins/Supplements Consultation review

We carefully and thoroughly review your vitamins and supplements in order to make recommendations tailored to your health issues.  We will also make sure that there will be no interference with your prescribed medications.


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